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  February 13, 2017 Club new Identity Launch
    The official launch event of Porsche Club Oman's new identity held on Monday, February 13th @ 6:30 pm at the Porsche Showroom (SATA LLC), Al Ghubra, Boushar was a grand success.
The distinguished guests were impressed with the well  organized event which was equally well conducted. The fascinating videos, presentations and speeches conveyed the club’s mission and its future plans in a clear and concise manner.
The event calendar revealed glimpses of the exciting event planned by the club for 2017 !!
  March 3, 2017 Porsche Drive to explore beauty of Muscat
    Journey line: Bousher – Al Amerat – Alsaifa - Matrah – Corniche – Halban – Aljafnain
Journey objective : To expose to the beauty of Muscat and promote tourism through different educational and tourist publications such as magazines, leaflets
Exchange views between members of the club
Popularize the culture of safe driving
Expected Nos:100 persons (Oman and outside)
  March 31, 2017 Family Day
    Location: Wadi Al Abiadh Sands – Wilayat Nakhal
Event objectives:
Communicate with different cultures amongst participants
Establish workshops in health, safety and environment
Establish sport and entertainment events amongst participants
Organize dialogue sessions to discuss safety issues and club related issues
Expected Nos: 200 Persons
Expected Participants:  25 drivers
  April 4, 2017 Ladies Day
    Event Objectives :
Participation of ladies in the club events
Encourage ladies to practice safe driving and driving as a sport
Introduction of safety procedures in this sport to ladies
Expected Nos: 50 Persons
  May 6, 2017 Safety Open Day
    Location: Oman Automobile Association
Event objectives:
To educate club members about safety procedures followed in automobile sport
Invite specialists from safety field in general and from Porsche Centres in the Middle East particularly
Participation of people with experience in this field.
Expected Nos: 200 Persons
  June 13, 2017 Porsche for Charity
    Journey: The Wave – Muscat
Event objectives:
Prepare group fast breaking arrangements  for club members alongwith different entertainment events
Participation of club members in charity events in the presence of civil societies.
Expected Nos: 150 Persons
  August 12, 2017 Member Gathering
  January 19, 2018 Drive to Sifah
    Drive to Sifah  on 19th January
  February 2, 2018 Coffee and Cars Meet at Crowne Plaza 
    Members had a lovely meeting to discusses classic porsche and the classic car market. they also discussed future calendar events
  March  2, 2018 Wadi Daqyah Dam Trip
    Time & Location
Mar 2, 2018 at 9:00am - 5:00pm
Alkeif Cafe (Starting point), Muscat, Oman
About The Event
Dress Code : Casual, Fee : USD 100/- per person.
Additional persons can join in the same car at a cost of USD 50/- per person.
  March  8, 2018 Masirah Island Adventure
    Time & Location
Mar 8, 2018 at 7:30am – Mar 10, 8:00pm
Alkeif Cafe (Starting point), Muscat, Oman
About The Event
Dress Code : Casual, Fee : USD 650/- per car (two passengers).
Additional person will share room with other two and pay USD 195/- extra.
On cancellation refund is not possible as PCO has blocked hotel rooms and rescheduled ferry.
  March  29, 2018 Classic Burger @ Intercontinental Hotel
    Time & Location
Mar 29, 2018 at 7:30am – Mar 10, 8:00pm
About The Event
Dress Code : Casual, Fee : USD 50/- per adult, USD 15/- per child below 17 years
  April 27, 2018 Rose Water Trip
  Time & Location
April 27  2018,  9:30 am – April 28 2018, 12:30 pm
About The Event
Dress Code : Casual, Fee : USD 430/- per adult, USD 650/- two passengers in a car.
  June  6, 2018 Dolphins Trip
    About The Event
Muscat – Musandam – Muscat drive, including a cruise on an Omani traditional Dhow